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Drop Off Groups

There is another alternative to either the  local farm pickup or the buying club, and it is the Drop Off Groups. Instead of you coming to the farm you can order your milk on line or send a check ahead of time to have your milk delivered to a Drop off  Host's home. Not to a retail store but to a private residence.

Drop off groups are groups of people in a close geographic proximity that are coordinated and organized by volunteer Pride and Joy customers who are compensated with free product for their efforts ( Drop off groups Q&A for more detail).  Drop off groups are open to most residences.  If you don't see one in the table below that is your area,  contact us and we'll help you start one!

Drop off group example … how does it work?

We have a designated day every two weeks to deliver to these residences. A Pride & Joy Driver will drive the distance from the farm to a designated Host Drop off location near you.
The Host will set a time that you can pick up your milk.  We ask that you adhere to their schedule and not ask for special privileges as these people have been gracious enough to Host a drop off.  If you cannot,  then we ask that you try to find another Host that can fit your schedule.  Everyone has very busy lives these days and it can be very disruptive to have to have people just show up any old time.

The Host will receive a free gallon of milk for every 20 gallons that is dropped at their site for their coordination efforts.  If the Host drop off site has 40 gallons,  the Host will receive  2 gallons of free milk for their time.

There is a $2.00 charge per order.  You may order however many gallons you would like  and there will only be a $2.00 charge on your order for delivery to the drop off.  If you do not wish to pay the $2.00 you can come the the farm and pickup the milk for just the price of the milk.

Drop off benefits

There are many benefits to being part of a drop off groups structured like this:

  • No need to travel to the farm to buy your milk, although we highly encourage to visit the farm when you have the time in your busy day to make the trip!
  • There is only a $2 charge, since all of the families are paying the charge, our feul costs are split by many families.
  • It's a convenient, more affordable and personal way to buy your milk - directly from the farmer who raised it. 
  • There are many drop off groups, you can usually find one that will fit your schedule.
  •  It's always fun to meet folks with similar interests!

Find a Drop off group in your area

Below you will find a list of Drop off Groups. If you don't see a group listed for your area, contact us and we'll help you start one in your area.


Drop Off Groups

Area   day   LocationAddresscontact
Puget sound Every other Tuesday Auburn
View Larger Map">Map it


Western WA/Puget Sound Every Thursday Bellevue Map it Ricky
Western WA Every other Thursday Bothell Map it

Contact person Adair


Western WA/Puget Sound Every other Monday Cle Elum Map it

Every other Monday Map it
Western WA Every other Monday Ellensburg Map it

Eastern WA Not available Ephrata Map it

Western Washington Every Tuesday Issaquah on Tiger Mountain Map it

Western WA. Every other Thursday Canyon Park/Thrashers Corner Map it





Western WA. Every other Tuesday Kent/Covington/Maple Valley area Map it



Western WA./Puget Sound Every Thursday Kirkland Map it
Puget Sound Every other Thursday Lake City Map it
Eastern WA. Every other Thurs. Leavenworth Map it


Western WA Every other Thursday Lynnwood Map it



Eastern WA. every other Thurs. Moses Lake Map it


Western WA Every other Monday North Bend Map it Jessi
Eastern WA. TBD Pasco Map it

Western WA. Every other Tuesday Puyallup Map it
Western WA. Every Thursday Sammamish Map it

Puget Sound Every other Thursday Seattle / Seward Park Map it 
Puget Sound Every other Tuesday Shoreline Map it
Eastern WA. TBD Wenatchee Map it

Eastern WA. TBD Yakima Map it